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eternalbeliever12, June 9th, 2018, 8:49 am ( Reply )

- Hey all,

Some changes! Stampede now has it's own site http://stampedethewebcomic.com/
I will no longer be updating on SJ. At the moment I'm uploading all the old pages so it's not quite up to date. But I have put a regular update schedule into place, fortnightly on Wednesdays.

I'm expanding Stampede into a world, that will cover different social issues. There are two other stories that I have planned to draw about with different Stampede characters involved. When I finish Jessica's story, I will begin "Stampede: Janet's story" which will be about domestic violence. The third story is still up in the air, have to see how far I get with Janet first.
Obviously all the stories are interlinked, Janet knows Jessica through fight club, so her story will be set in a time before she joined fight club.

The reasons why I'm moving off smackjeeves, is because the premium features are now too costly for me to use. And I'm not too fond of their basic version. Also I've been on this site for an extremely long time, and it doesn't motivate me to post as much as it used to. Stampede is not a normal comic, and I don't really feel it's story is welcome here. A-lot of the people I used to talk with sort of stopped communicating with me when I stopped updating Head over heart. I think this was due to Stampede not being their type of story or something they understand. It is very South London, and for that reason I'm proud of it. That is where I'm from afterall. :) I read plenty of comics about areas in Japan, America etc but there's barely any comics out there about where I'm from! Now I've made one! :)
I'm pretty sure my fanbase if it is still existing, is outside smackjeeves. So if I have a new main site, it doesn't really matter.

Well it's been great, being on SJ has really taught me alot, and I met some fantastic people on here. Even if I don't speak with them anymore. I won't delete this account until the main site is up to date!

Thanks for reading :)

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